What PR Means to Us

For companies and organizations to effectively develop their public relations programs, it is necessary to understand the meaning and value of PR and make full use of effective techniques. Public relations can be thought of as the “fifth management resource” following human, physical (e.g., products), financial and information resources.



Ethics are an essential part of PR because the sharing of universal ethical values is a key factor in building trusting relationships among companies and the public.

Two-way Communication

There are two types of information flow: one-way and two-way communication. One-way communication describes the situation where only the sender provides the receiver with information, while two-way communication means both the sender and the receiver exchange information interactively. Our PR methodology is based on the latter — well-balanced symmetrical two-way communication that enables our clients to build lasting relationships with their targeted publics.


Self-correction is a necessary and ongoing process to ensure that a company or organization stays on track. self-correction takes place It is a key component to an interactive communication process that offers feedback when the direction (agenda or policy) goes off course.

PR Lifecycle Model

The chart below is a PR lifecycle model incorporating the self-correction function. This is an integrated system of essential processes to develop a PR program, and the basis on which we believe all PR strategies should be formulated.


Research & Situation Analysis
identify and understand the client’s situation
PR Goal Setting
based on research and data
Target Setting
determine the information targets and communication channels
PR Strategy Development
strategies to achieve defined goals
PR Programming
create tactics-level PR programs reflecting the strategy
PR program execution
Analysis & Evaluation
feedback on activity results followed by the self-correction function

As shown in the diagram, the PR lifecycle model is a cyclical, continuous process, and through the “self-correction function” the cycle leads to a higher dimension in an ever-upward spiral.

Based on this PR concept, we have developed and implemented public relations activities since our company was founded in 1970. Let us help you meet the challenges of doing business in Japan — to reach and exceed your goals.