Employees Relations

Of all your stakeholders, perhaps the most important are your employees, both those currently working in your organization and the talented new employees you seek to attract. And for global businesses, this stakeholder group is located in several different countries.

An organization will fail in realizing its goals, if it is unable to communicate its vision and business strategy to employees, and to gain their support and enthusiastic participation. Much effort and resources are invested in attracting and training the best talent. To retain them, they need to be motivated and inspired to succeed in these times of great change and global competition.

Employee Relations (ER) is relationship management with your employees. It builds mutual understanding between an organization and its employees, and encourages them to fully participate in fulfilling its goals and objectives, which includes providing excellence in products, services, and customer relations. This type of stakeholder relationship management aimed at employees is always important, but especially so during major changes brought about by corporate restructuring, drastic shifts in business strategy, mergers and acquisitions, and in times of crisis.

Inoue Public Relations works with management, including HR and other areas of the organization, to improve employee relations through a strategic life-cycle program that determines the current situation, and then formulates and implements a public relations strategy aimed at employees.