Customer Relations

Public Relations is fundamentally relationship management, and for any organization at the center of its many stakeholders are its customers. Your customers view your organization through their experiences with your products, services, customer service, what they hear from others, reporting from the media and the advertisements and commercials they see. They also view you in comparison to your competitors. At Inoue Public Relations we typically apply our strategic public relations methodology that we call the Public Relations Life-Cycle Model. We begin by understanding your organization’s goals and then develop a strategic PR program to attain them.

It is always the case that you cannot fix a problem without understanding its cause. In the case of Customer Relations we start by getting the most accurate picture of current customer perceptions and compare that with your goals. That can also include a comparison with competitors. There are many possible factors to be considered including such things as your dealers and government regulations. Once we have a firm understanding of your objectives and the perception of customers, we can formulate a PR campaign to improve Customer Relations that can be demonstrated through higher sales.