University Relations

Universities are typically non-profit organizations, but increasingly they face the same kinds of competitive pressures as profit-driven businesses. To survive intense competition requires thinking and acting strategically. At Inoue Public Relations we help universities improve their images among key stakeholders by helping them to understand how they are perceived in comparison to other universities and how they can outperform their competitors by applying the power of strategic public relations.

We use our Public Relations Life-Cycle Model approach to translate the university’s goals into a strategic public relations program aimed at stakeholders. Stakeholders have perceptions about your university, about the kind of education it provides, and about how future employers will view its graduates. To be successful in this era of fierce competition, a university needs to actively and continuously manage relationships with its stakeholders. Inoue Public Relations will help keep your university from being buried under (or: by the) competition by opening up a better future through strategic public relations.


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