Investor Relations

We work with our IR clients to effectively build and maintain relationships with:

  • Existing and potential shareholders
  • Investors (institutional investors / private investors)
  • Securities analysts
  • Fund managers and investment advisors
  • Regulators, such as the Ministry of Finance, the Financial Services Agency, the Securities and Exchange Commission, and the stock exchanges

A key objective of IR, along with attracting new investors, is ultimately to enhance the value of the company’s stock. This reduces its cost of capital and allows it to grow organically through new product development, to enter new markets, and expand through M&A.

At Inoue Public Relations we work with financial specialists within your company who know your business, products, and customers, but lack access and first-hand experience dealing with Japan’s financial media, securities analysts and IR specialists. In times of crisis, we provide Crisis Management services to keep investors informed and supportive of management.