Media Relations

Public Relations is fundamentally stakeholder relationship management, and central to its ability to succeed is Media Relations. In addition to the broad reach of media is the credibility that your stakeholders ascribe to earned media (public relations) vs. paid media (advertising). In other words, media has significant influence over your stakeholders, and to gain access with key media requires building up trusting relationships with print, online and broadcast media in a variety of sectors. When information about your company, its products and services are reported in the media, especially through multiple outlets, it helps shape public opinion and may promote political and government administrative activities as well.




Inoue PR consultants, several of whom are former journalists, have developed strong relationships with the media over many years. They know what topics interest the media, understand how they determine what makes for “news,” and which contacts within the media will be most interested. They also know how to provide information in ways that can be clearly understood by the media.

As shown in the Media Relations diagram, the relationship involves two-way communication with the media, monitoring the results and taking corrective action when results fall short of expectations. It is a continuous process that represents the essence of strategic public relations, and is used for all the various types of public relations, such as Government Relations, Investor Relations, Employee Relations, Crisis Management, and Customer Relations.

Media Relations activities may include

  • Press Conferences, press releases, press briefings
  • Media training
  • Creating press kits
  • Arranging interviews
  • Media tours
  • Publicity
  • Media audit
  • Article monitoring

Media Relations in the PR Program

Inoue Public Relations has built up deep contacts with the media in Japan over the past 45 years that enable effective Media Relations. We specialize in helping you achieve your goals along the shortest path through our unique Strategic Public Relations Life-Cycle Program in which Media Relations is a key component. Each PR Program is tailored to meet your unique goals and objectives.